Monster Planes That Rule The Skies

The marvel of planes will never stop to amaze. the spectacle is even more breathtaking when airplanes are longer than the football pitch, and taller than a story building. Here are the most gigantic planes in the world.


Antonov is one of the biggest planes in the world. This monster cargo was built by the Antonov Design, Ukraine in 1980. The enormous plane was designed to lift rocket boosters for the Soviet Union. Following the collapse of the union, the plane was refurbished and quickly found some other work. Being the heaviest plane, it has a maximum takeoff weight of 700-710 tons. It is powered by six turbofan engines.  The Antonov is in its own league and with few or no competition.

Our team asked Auto Towing out of San Francisco California, if they thought their heavy duty towing truck could pull the Antonov. The representative we spoke with just kind of laughed and said “honestly, I doubt it. That thing looks so be we could probably not even budge it. ” Luckily there are specialized tow vehicles for planes of this size. worlds largest plane the antonov

Super Guppy

This bloated airplane is a monster. Its wide dimensions make it perfect for carrying space components. It is mainly used by NASA. It was made from a Stratofreighter fuselage and took the skies in 1965. Before NASA adopted it, it used to transport large cargo but it was replaced by the Beluga.

Airbus Beluga

The beluga was designed purposely for large and awkwardly shaped airplane parts. Taking the skies in 1995, it replaced the super guppy. The monster plane can carry about 51 tons. Its parts were designed and built by the airbus engineers all across Europe.

Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 reigns the skies. About 1500 747s have been built. It is a multipurpose airplane carrying both passengers and cargo under one roof. The bad news is that the plane is being faced out to give room for single isled designs which have enough and wide range to fly the oceans.


The Boeing c 17 first take-off was in 1991. The c 17 can lift more than 85 tons into the sky. Primarily used by the military to transport troops, it can also be used for medical evacuations.

Airbus A380

Probably Airbus A380 is the largest passenger carrying aircraft ever built. It has a capacity of 850 passengers. Emphatically, it travels some of the longest routes around the world. There are about 222 airbus A380s built so far and the production still continues. The A380 is truly a flying boss carrying more passengers than any other passenger plane.

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