The Best Warplanes In The World

The history is made of wide range of activities one of them being war. Airplanes came to play a vital role in determining the results of wars during the 20th-21st era. Military warplanes came to being during the world war and their use for both war and normality purpose extended even to the cold war. Below is a list of some of the best and famous world warplanes:

The Best Warplanes In The WorldHawker Hurricane

It was made by the British by a company known as hawker aircraft in 1930. It is a single seat aircraft. Its most application was during the world war II. During this period, the hurricane served all battles that the British got engaged in.

Spy plane (U -2)

Also known as the Dragon Lady and just like the hurricane, it is a single seat jet warplane. It was made by the US in 1955. It is still used up to date and its main purpose was to gather intelligence, investigation and surveillance. Perhaps, it is one of the top spies ever built. On one occasion, in 1960, the U-2 was brought down by the Soviet Union. Although a more strategic approach on intelligence is used now at the united states, the use of modified U-2 on various battle investigations and data collection still goes on.


It is also known as the B 52. It is a united states heavy bomber made by the Boeing in the year 1948. Its first take off was in the year 1952 and engaged in war in 1955. When being designed, the main aim was to make it an atomic bomb carrier but it has since then been deployed for other different missions.  Interestingly, this warplane has eight engines with each wing holding four engines. Originally, it carried six crew members and it had a remotely controlled gun located at the tail. Later in 1991, the gun was abolished and the crew members reduced to five. More than 75 B2s are still in use in the US air force.

THE F 16

Built by the general dynamics in the year 1972, the f 16 is a single seat fighter jet with a one engine. It is best known for dog fighting. Currently, the f 16 is in great demand and it is reported that more than 20 air forces around the world have it in their base.

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