Libyan Arab Airlines started flying since 1965, won the golden prize for the best service in 1978. Libyan Arab Airlines put the safety first, maintaining the highest standards of safety and security to protect you. They are committed to the people - employing dedicated staff, people who want to be part of a young and dynamic team. They are culturally aware - Epitomizing the values and hospitality of their Libya home, whilst understanding and caring for people from all cultures and backgrounds.


3 flights in the week Tripoli every Saturday and Monday Departure time 2:15am passenger should be at airport 12:00 pm friday night and 12:00 pm Sunday night.

Bengahzi every Thursday Dept. time 3:15 am passenger should be at airport 1:00 am Wednesday night.

They fly from Tripoli to these destinations :

• Algeria
• Amman
• Cairo
• Doha
• Tunis
• Jeddah
• Malta
• Dubai
• Alexandria
• Damascus
• Casablanca
• Amsterdam
• Cyprus

You can also fly with Libyan Airlines across Europe:

• Frankfurt
• Istanbul
• London
• Milano
• Palermo
• Malta
• Paris
• Roma
• Vienna

Libyan Arab Airlines flying now to 22 destinations, by the end of 2005 they will be able to fly to 50 destinations.

Libyan Arab Airlines ready for arranging groups from Dubai to Trpoli and other destinations like Tunis, Algiers, Casablanca, Malta, Niamey, Ouagadougou, Lome, Abidjan and above Europe countries in competitive rates.

Visiting the Great Libyan Jamahiriya does not mean lack of comfort.

five- Star hotels welcome tourists arriving in Tripoli or Benghazi attention on their guests in a way that only a people whom hospitality is an age-old tradition know how.

At the Mehari Hotel - or the Grand Hotel - in Tripoli, you can relax in the lap of luxury, between a visit to the Al Jamahiri National Museum and a Trip round the souks, without missing the Ancient City...

In Benghazi, the Tibesti Hotel welcomes guests in its sumptuous halls and splendidly decorated rooms.

Uncontaminated nature, infinite spaces, traditions, History, the desert, adventure. So many different aspects - each valid in itself - of journey that will introduce you to this great Country that lies between two seas: the Mediterranean and the great Sahara Desert.